A Cultural Contribution from Bride’s Trousseau (Dowry) to “Emerging Adulthood”: Ideas Based on Turkish Culture

Volume 5- Issue 3
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This paper tries to set out the link between emerging adulthood and preparing dowry in Turkish culture. As reviewed by Arnett, emerging adulthood is a culturally constructed life phase and thought to carry its own constellation of demographic and psychological correlates. In this editorial essay, dowry is discussed not only in its original form that has served to ornament houses as laces and cloths which are usually kept and in a wood chest typically but also in its recent form that serves to set up houses as furniture and white goods at least for the urban educated part of the society. We think this change is quite related with the presence and duration of emerging adulthood as it makes the transition to adulthood a longer and more difficult period. We suggest that preparing dowry and having this tradition regionally in different levels of importance effects the timing of transition to adulthood in Turkey.


  • Dowry
  • emerging adulthood
  • transition to adulthood
  • Turkish culture.
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