Academics’ Mobbing and Job Satisfaction Levels

Volume 2 - Issue 2
Aydın ÇiViLiDAĞ Nurten SARGIN
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This study is analyzed academics’ job satisfaction and mobbing levels in terms of gender, type of university and title variable and to identify whether there is a relation between mobbing and job satisfaction levels or not. The participants are 250 female % 47.25 and 279 male %52.74 academics in Turkey. Negative Acts Questionnaire, developed by Einarsen (1996) and the scale of job satisfaction, developed by Hackman and Oldham, (1980) were used in the study. Results, it was found that mobbing and job satisfaction did not show a significant difference in terms of gender. However, it was determined that the academics in state universities were exposed to mobbing more than at private universities. Other results are that job satisfaction of the academics in foundation universities was higher than that of those in state universities. The research assistants were exposed to mobbing more than other academics. It was also found that while the professor doctors have more job satisfaction levels than the others. Besides, it was determined that mobbing and job satisfaction levels of academics are negatively correlated.


  • academics
  • university
  • mobbing
  • job satisfaction
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