An Evaluation of the 9th Grade Local and the International English Course Books in Terms of Aims and Methodology

Volume 1 - Issue 4
Arif Sari├žoban Nil├╝fer Can
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English coursebooks play a fundamental role in EFL settings such as Turkey since they shape teachers‘ decisions about in what order to teach and how as well as what to teach to learners (McGrath, 2006). This highlights the importance of coursebook selection which needs to be made after a systematic analysis and evaluation. For this reason, this study evaluates 9th grade local and international English coursebooks that are used in Anatolian and other public high schools in Turkey. The evaluation is carried out using a checklist method in order to achieve more objective and reliable evaluation of those coursebooks (McGrath, 2002; Tomlinson, 2003). Using this checklist, teachers who are the prime users of those coursebooks are asked to evaluate them in terms of (a) aims and objectives and (b) methodology and activities. The results are discussed by considering teacher and student needs. Then, a comparison is made between the local and the international course book evaluations.


  • Course-book evaluation
  • aims and objectives
  • methodology
  • activities.
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