An Investigation of Career Indecision Level of High School Students: Relationships with Personal Indecisiveness and Anxiety

Volume 2 - Issue 3
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The main aim of this paper is to examine whether high school student’s personal indecisiveness and state-trait anxiety can be used to predict their indecision with regards to their careers. This study also investigates the effects of other factors, such as gender, school type, grade level, decision status and how much help they receive, on the career indecision of high school students. The study group consists of 319 students (197 female and 122 male) in high schools. Multiple Regression Analysis and t test were used to analyse the data. Together, exploratory indecisiveness scale scores and state anxiety scale scores accounted for a significant proportion of the variance (20%) of career indecision. Exploratory indecisiveness is shown to be the most powerful predictor of career indecision. It was found that career indecision scores and five sub-scale scores of the students varied significantly when decision status and school type were considered.


  • career indecision
  • personal indecisiveness
  • exploratory indecisiveness
  • impetuous indecisiveness
  • state-trait anxiety
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