Assessment of Social Problem Solving with Respect to Emotional Intelligence

Volume 2 - Issue 3
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This study was aimed at analyzing the relationship between emotional intelligence and social problem solving skills. The sample consisted of 774 (366 females; 408 males) pre-service teachers who study different departments of the Faculties of Education and Technical Education, and department of physical education and sports teaching of School of Physical Education and Sports at Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University. Emotional intelligence levels and social problem solving skills of pre-service teachers were measured using the Bar-On Emotional Quotient Inventory (Bar-On, 1997) and Interpersonal Problem Solving Inventory (Cam & Tumkaya, 2007). Pearson product-moment correlation analysis and structural equation modeling were employed to analyze data. Emotional intelligence was found to be significantly correlated with social problem solving skills.


  • emotional intelligence
  • social problem solving skills
  • pre-service teachers
  • structural equation modeling
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