Assessment of the Relationship between Personal Motivations and General Successes of the Students

Volume 3 - Issue 4
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For the students, studying in line with a target, keeping their motivation strong are very important for their successes. The purpose of this study is being able to see the differences between the personal motivations and general successes of the nursing department students who have been receiving education in first and fourth grades and being able to contribute to their learning experiences. In the study, You and Your Future Scale (SGÖ) that was developed by the researchers is applied to total 160 students. Factor analysis, descriptive statistics, correlation, multivariate regression analysis were used in data evaluation and t-test was used in independent groups and dependent groups. In the result, meaningful difference was found between the personal motivations and general success averages of the grades. Being more happy of the 4th grades, may be attributed to their behavioral changes they gained in the school and their perceiving the events more positively and their high personal motivations.


  • Personal motivation
  • success
  • happiness
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