Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Reminiscence Therapy in the Treatment of Depression: A Convergent Palliative Care Methodology in Geriatric Psychotherapy

Volume 4- Issue 2
John H. Morgan
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That there is a relative void in the training of palliative care health professionals in geriatric psychotherapy, particularly as relates to the treatment of depression, is very evident according to recent American Medical Association sponsored studies. In the following essay, we will consider briefly two evidence-based treatment options available to the counseling and psychotherapeutic community dealing particularly with palliative psychotherapeutic depression, namely, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Reminiscence Therapy (RT). Following this brief discussion, we will explore the integration of CBT and RT into a single treatment modality used in palliative care of the elderly suffering from debilitating depression. Five brief case studies will be presented as illustrations of its use and effectiveness as reported in recent clinical studies. As we know, biogenic depression calls for pharmacological intervention and, therefore, medical oversight. However, our interest here is rather to call attention to two proven modalities of treatment available for the non-medically trained psychotherapist dealing with palliative psychogenic depression. These studies are consistently showing evidence-based findings validating the use of each of these modalities of treatment of depression and depressive symptoms in older adults


  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • depression
  • geriatric psychotherapy
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