Critical Analysis of Learning Theories and Ideologies and Their Impact on Learning: “Review Article”

Volume 3 - Issue 2
Claire Caroline Strauch Muaed Jamal Al Omar
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Learning is a complex process by which we are able to convert information and experience into knowledge, skills, behaviours, and attitudes. There are various learning theories which help to explain how we learn. There are also many methods of teaching which have been shown to provide positive results. We must also note the many different roles of a teacher and the importance of each one; each role serves as a means to achieve learning outcomes. A variety of teaching styles are used by some teachers (expert, formal, authority, personal model facilitator and delegator), while others rely on the same tried and tested techniques. However, the most effective teaching method involves changing ones\' teaching style to suit the situation and individual needs. The importance of teaching behaviour and the various teaching styles and the predicted benefits on student learning has been demonstrated.


  • Learning theories
  • cognitivism
  • behaviorism
  • observational learning
  • teacher.
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