Investigation of Adolescents’ Internet Use Motives

Volume 2 - Issue 3
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The study was carried out to determine the internet motives of adolescents. In addition, the relationships between adolescents’ internet motives and their gender, academic achievement, duration of internet use, locus of control and problematic internet use levels were investigated. A total of 351 adolescents participated in the study. The findings revealed that adolescents’ stated their basic internet motives as obtaining information (18.20%), chatting (17.5%), spending free time/using the internet due to boredom (17.2%), having fun (16.9%), playing games (11.4%), using for both homework and other activities (10.1%), and doing homework (8.8%), respectively. Moreover, the findings pointed out that female adolescents preferred internet to do homework more while male adolescents preferred the internet to play games more. In addition, the adolescents’ basic internet motives differed in terms of the duration of internet use, locus of control, and problematic internet use level significantly while there was no significant difference in terms of academic achievement.


  • Internet use
  • internet addiction
  • problematic internet use
  • locus of control
  • adolescent
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