Leading Level of Turkish Language Teachers to Students for Creative Activities: A Phenomenological Approach

Volume 2 - Issue 2
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This research has been carried out to determine leading level of Turkish language teachers to their students for creative activities. Qualitative research method; among research designs, phenomenology technique has been used in the study. Data of the research have been collected via face-to-face conversations with Turkish language teachers. Content analysis has been applied to interview records on the purpose of data evaluation. Among content analysis types, categorical data analysis has been chosen. Categories have been formed after coding the data and the findings have been interpreted. Our results concluded that; Turkish language teachers accept some activities, included in the lecture books, as useful. These activities are particularly the ones releated to reading and writing, filling the blanks in a text, completing a poem or an essay, composing a story by visual reading of some given images, creative drama, composition exercises, painting according to a given story, speaking by choosen words from a concept pool, writing based upon the sensations. The teachers, on the other hand, principally canalize their students to brain storming, creative writing and creative speaking activities. Noise in the classroom is the mostly encountered problem during these implementations. Some suggestions to facilitate teachers’ leading level for creative activities, have been revealed according to the results of our study.


  • Turkish language teacher
  • phenomenological
  • creative activity
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