Let’s use an iPad App: Struggling Writers use of Digital Art Media for making Story Plans

Volume 3 - Issue 2
Michael Dunn
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Students’ use of technology for writing is becoming increasingly required with the Common Core State Standards and tests such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). State and NAEP assessments indicate that a large number of students, as many as 75%, cannot write at a basic level. The US and other countries have implemented response to intervention (RTI) in public schools to address the needs of students who struggle with core skills such as writing. With RTI-type interventions, struggling writers have the opportunity to improve and return to general-education programming. As part of an intervention for writing, the author developed STORY as a mnemonic-strategy to help children better manage planning and text generation. In a mixed-methods design format, two intervention specialists provided second-, third-, and fourth-grade struggling writers (N=8) with 31 sessions of intervention programming (45 minutes per session). All students improved with story content but quality lagged in comparison. The author also met with the general education teachers and two writing intervention specialists in four 1-hour sessions to discuss students’ progress with the intervention activities as well as the application of RTI components to their school and classrooms.


  • Writing
  • assistive technology
  • intervention programming.
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