Opinions of the Parents and the Principals on the Attitudes of Principals towards Mainstream Education (Sample of a County in West Black Sea Region in Turkey)

Volume 2 - Issue 3
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In this study the opinions of the principals of 31 primary schools in a county of West Black Sea Region and of 55 parents whose mainstreamed children are attending to these schools are asked to determine the attitudes of the principals towards mainstream education. Surveys prepared by the researchers to be used in this paper were conducted both to the parents and to the principals. While the survey for the principals consists of 50 questions 6 of which are two-point-Likert and 44 of which are five-point-Likert, the one for the parents consists of 32 questions 4 of which are two-point-Likert and 28 of which are five-point-Likert. The descriptive survey model was used for this study. The data were analyzed with SPSS package program on significance level of 5%. As a result of this study it was found out that mostly mentally retarded children are educated in these schools, the facilities of the schools for disabled students aren’t sufficient and there is a significant difference between the perceptions of parents and principals on attendance of the students and between the communication of the principals and the parents. Besides, the principals who have participated in-service training on mainstream education are more likely to support and more enthusiastic and more positive about mainstream education than the ones who have not. Furthermore, the principals, who have a handicapped relative or acquaintance, seemed to behave more sympathetic towards mainstreamed students and towards their parents than the principals who do not have.


  • Mainstream education
  • principal
  • parent
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