Perspectives of the Turkish Participants on Erasmus Exchange Programme

Volume 2 - Issue 2
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This study conducted to examine the effects of Erasmus programme on the university students who participated in Erasmus exchange programme, utilized a qualitative research methodology. Data were obtained through semi-structured interviews with 15 students attending Sakarya University who participated in exchange programme. The subjects of the study were selected via criterion-sampling. Data obtained through semi-structured interviews were analyzed by using descriptive analysis technique. The findings of the study were classified into four main themes which were “contributions of Erasmus programme to offer an abroad experience”, “contributions of Erasmus programme to get to know oneself, one’s own culture, the other cultures and to realize cultural and vocational exchange”, “contributions of Erasmus programme to self-development” and “contributions of Erasmus programme to the changes within the notion of European Union and multiculturalism”. At the end of the study, it was suggested that extending the research to the other universities at home and abroad which participate in Erasmus exchange programme would be a good future research avenue.


  • Erasmus exchange programme
  • qualitative research
  • university students
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