Possibilities and Limits of Supervision Used in Integrated Education

Volume 3 - Issue 1
Petra Potmesilova Milon Potmesil Marcela Fojtikova Roubalova
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This paper is a report of two surveys that are linked each other. Both of two studies related to teachers who work with children and pupils with special educational needs. The first part of the research focused on the field of sentiments, attitudes and concerns of educators potentially working with pupils with impairment under inclusive settings. This study was aimed at discovering whether the above stated parameters change after achieving qualification in special needs education. The results of research encompassing a period of two years aimed at describing a group of 794 educators from the point of view of the development of their attitudes, opinions and concerns while being focused on the process of inclusion. The second part of the research lasted almost two years and was attended by a total of 325 respondents. The aim of the second part of the research was to determine the attitudes of teachers towards the possible forms of support in teaching. In accordance with the obtained results, supervision as a special psychological support is badly needed.


  • Inclusion
  • attitudes
  • sentiments
  • education
  • pupils with impairment
  • methodology of teaching
  • overloading
  • stress
  • supervision
  • teacher.
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