Self-image and Reading Development - the Effect of Self-Image on Reading Development among Pupils in Grade 2

Volume 3 - Issue 4
Linda Fälth Idor Svensson Sara Carlsson Stefan Gustafson
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The overall purpose of the present study was to examine the relationship between self-image and different reading abilities among pupils with reading difficulties in grade 2. The purpose was also to examine whether there were any differences between typical readers and pupils with reading difficulties with regard to self-image. The empirical material consists of 130 pupils who were tested at five different test sessions with different reading-related tests. Their self-image was tested twice at an interval of nearly a school year The results showed that there were differences between pupils with reading difficulties and typical readers with regard to the self-image level, where pupils with reading disabilities had a significantly lower self-image than typical readers. Among pupils with reading disabilities those with a low self-image showed significantly less improvement in word decoding and reading comprehension than students with a typical self-image.


  • children
  • computer-assisted intervention
  • reading disability
  • self-image
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