Sexting at Sixteen: Reflections on Legal and Professional Issues

Volume 2 - Issue 4
Tony D. CRESPI Natasha K. SEGOOL
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Sexting, or the act of sending, receiving, or retaining sexually explicit text messages, pictures, or video using cellular phones, represents a significant problem with growing legal implications for adolescents. With 75% of 12–17 year-olds in the United States owning cell phones and with teenagers averaging over 3,000 texts per month, the risk for minors engaging in sexting activities is high. Unfortunately, many mental health professionals are not aware of either the extent of sexting among teenagers nor the risks of sexting from a legal perspective. This article provides a commentary and professional reflection on the issues.


  • Sexting with children
  • Sexting
  • children in court Setting
  • child counseling
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