Student Perceptions Relating to Family Abuse: A Phenomenological Study in Turkey

Volume 4 - Issue 1
Erkan YAMAN Merve Şanlı
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In this study it is aimed to investigate the perceptions of primary school students’ exposed to family abuse. This study was conducted with thirteen students studying in the province of Sakarya in Turkey. The research is formed in qualitative patterns. In this study, “snowball sampling”, one of the sampling methods, is used. According to the research results, the students have been exposed to physical, emotional and economic abuse. There are some important findings such as emotional irritation, physical strikes, running away from home, tending to respond to violence with violence, feeling humiliation and contempt, having difficulty to focus on the courses and their schools, working at home or outside. The children participating in the interview stated that they were exposed to family abuse emotionally, physically or economically as a result it is clearly seen that their moods, behaviors and their school marks are highly and badly affected from this abuse and neglect. Most of the children did not want to reveal this fact by the fear of their families; however, it is easily understood that, in fact, they really want to get help to get rid of this situation. There are also some suggestions such as increasing the social measures to decrease the risk of family abuse, application of the scales to the students in the schools for determining the family abuse and collaboration of the school administration, provincial social services director, guide service, classroom teacher to improve the awareness towards the increasing family abuse.


  • Child abuse; Child neglect; Emotional abuse; Physical abuse; Economical abuse.
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