The Challenges of Junior High School Mathematic Teachers in Implementing the Problem-Based Learning for Improving the Higher-Order Thinking Skills

Volume 5- Issue 3
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The study was to describe the challenges of junior high school mathematics teachers in implementing the problem-based learning (PBL) for improving the higher-order thinking skills (HOTS). The study was descriptive explorative research by means of the qualitative approach. The data were gathered by performing interviews and focus group discussions toward nine mathematics teachers in the selected junior high schools that represented four regencies and one city in the Province of Yogyakarta Special Region in Indonesia. Then, the data were analyzed by focusing on the theme in order to attain the proper understanding. The results of the study showed that the teachers’ challenges in implementing PBL might be categorized based on the problem sources that came from either the students or the teachers. The challenges from the students were: the students’ competencies in one class were various, the students had not been accustomed to working contextual essay test items by performing several steps, lacked self-confidence, struggle, and motivation. On the other hand, the challenges from the teachers were: the teachers lacked understanding of PBL and HOTS, had difficulties in developing the HOTS-based problems, in developing the teaching kits, searching the examples of problem to conduct PBL and test items for measuring HOTS written in Bahasa Indonesia and the items regarding HOTS had not been used in the school examination and the national examination.


  • challenges of mathematics teachers
  • implementing problem based learning
  • HOTS
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