The Differences in Creative Thinking: The Comparison of Male and Female Students

Volume 5- Issue 4
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In the literature, previous studies reported that females were more creative than males. In opposite, some studies informed that males are more creative than females. Also, it was notified that there was no significant difference between females and males according to other studies. For this reason, this study was conducted to study the creative thinking ability in terms of gender differences in order to obtain new findings to this area. Accordingly, Turkish university female students were compared with male students to determine whether significant difference. According to results, it was found significant difference between females and males upon creative thinking in favor of females. Also, it was found that females scored higher on the originality and strengths subscales of the creative thinking than males. Thus, it was concluded that female students might possess creative and innovative as creative style in thinking process significantly than male students in higher education level.


  • Creativity
  • insight
  • productive thinking
  • innovative creative style
  • originality
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