The Effects of the Anger Management Program and the Group Counseling on the Anger Management Skills of Adolescents

Volume 4-Issue 4
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The purpose of this experimental study was to investigate the short term and the long term effectiveness of the two distinct interventions, anger management training and psychological group counseling on helping anger management skills of adolescents. The State Trait Anger Expression Inventory (STAXI) was used to test the state anger and anger expression styles of the subject as pre-test, post-test and four months follow up test applications. Two experiment groups and one control group were formed based on the trait anger scores of a group of high school students. Twelve weeks anger management training developed by the researcher and twelve weeks encounter group were conducted. To evaluate the effectivenesses and comparisons of the interventions, Kruskal Wallis, Mann-Whitney U and Wilcoxon tests were used and p<.05. It was found that anger management training had significant long term effect on increasing the anger management skills while the effects of psychological counseling group were limited. Both anger management training and psychological group counseling had no short term and long term effect on the anger-in levels, and had no long term effect on anger-out. The anger management training had a long term increasing effect on the anger control scores while the psychological group counseling had no significant long term effect.


  • anger management
  • prevention programs
  • group counseling
  • adolescence.
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