The Evaluation of the Relationship between the Problem Solving Skills and Psychological Symptoms of University Students

Volume 5-Issue 2
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The purpose of this study is to examine relationship between the problem solving skills and psychological symptoms of university students. In addition, in the study has been analyzed whether the changes of age and gender can make a significant difference. The study has been consisted of 200 university students. %55 of these students are female and %45 male. In the study has been used ‘’The Problem Solving Inventory’’ (Heppner and Petersen, 1982) ‘’The Brief Symptom Inventory’’ (Derogratis and Lazarus, 1994), and Personal Information Form to collect data. As a result of the findings of the study has been found negative relationship between the problem solving skills approach-avoidance conflict, and obsessive cumpulsive disorder and phobic anxiety. On the other hand, according to findings of the study it is seen that no significant differences between female and male students in terms of pscyhological symptomps. Also, it has been found that differ in terms of the gender the problem solving skills approach-avoidance conflict (t0.05: 198= -2.589; p<.05) and the average score for male students are higher than female students.


  • Problem Solving
  • Psychological Symptoms
  • Correlation
  • GenderAssoc.
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