The Family Dynamic in Children’s Mental Health: Considerations for Counseling and Psychotherapy within Schools

Volume 4 - Issue 1
Tony D. Crespi Mackenzie L. McNamara
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Children and adolescents are coping with an extraordinary range of mental health needs. While the widespread nature of psychopathology in children is becoming better understood, the interaction with family factors is less known. In fact, from shared custody arrangements where children move between households to children raised by single sex couples contemporary families often do not resemble past images. In this climate schools are faced with an increased need to offer assistance. Unfortunately many school psychologists lack specialty training involving family dynamics and family psychotherapy. This paper explores stresses on the family and considers contributions school psychologists and consulting psychotherapists can offer with appropriate education and training in family therapy.


  • Children’s mental health
  • family counseling and children
  • family dynamics.
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