The Prediction of Elementary School Counselors’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs by Social Comparison and Self-Consciousness

Volume 4 - Issue 1
Hatice İrem ÖZTEKE Ömer ÜRE Sahin KESİCİ
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This study examined the association between counselor self-efficacy, social comparison and self-consciousness in elementary school counselors. The predictive power of the social comparison and self-consciousness levels of elementary school counselors regarding counselor self-efficacy belief was investigated. The participants of the study are 204 elementary school counselors who work in elementary schools in Konya-Turkey. For data collection, “Personal Information Form,” “Social Comparison Scale,” “Elementary School Counselor Self-Efficacy Scale” and “Self-consciousness Scale” were used. “Survey Monkey” was used for data collection, that is, the scales were loaded onto an internet page and the school counselors filled out these instruments. According to findings of study, while self-consciousness is a predictor of elementary school counselors’ self-efficacy beliefs, social comparison does not predict counselor self-efficacy beliefs. The results were discussed and suggestions were given.


  • Counselor self-efficacy
  • social comparison
  • self-consciousness
  • elementary schools
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