The Relations between Personal Growth Initiative and Identity Styles among Youth

Volume 5- Issue 3
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Adolescence and emerging adulthood are crucial periods for identity development. A lot of models have been proposed to operationalize some of Erikson’s ideas on identity formation. One of these models was Berzonsky’s social-cognitive perspective. A great number of contributions have been made to explain which factors facilitate optimal identity development. The present study focused on personal growth initiative. The aim of this study is to examine the contribution of personal growth initiative on identity styles. Participants were 208 (54.8% females, 45.2% males) university students aged between 18 and 22 years (Mage = 19.36 years, SDage = 0.94). In order to collect data Identity Style Inventory and Personal Growth Initiative Scale-II were used. Findings indicated that personal growth initiative’s cognitive and behavioral components were associated with identity styles.


  • Identity styles
  • personal growth initiative
  • adolescence
  • emerging adulthood
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