The Relationship Between Family Functioning and Psychological Symptomatology in Married Couples

Volume 4- Issue 2
Mehmet KILIÇ Zekavet TOPÇU Kabasakal
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The aim of the study is to investigate the relationship between family functioning and psychological symptomatology in married and divorcing couples. Previous studies indicate that family functioning affect psychological symptomatology. The sample consisted of 100 married and 103 divorcing individuals. The personal information form, the Family Functioning Device (FAD), and the Short Symptom Checklist (SSC) was used for data collection. Results of the linear regression analysis showed that family functioning and whether one is married or divorcing significantly predicted psychological symptomatology. The correlation analysis indicated that there were significant and positive relations between family functioning and all SCC subscales, except for hostility. Females had significantly higher somatization, anxiety, and phobic anxiety levels. Married couples had significantly better FAD and lower social insecurity and depression scores compared to divorcing couples; whereas divorcing couples had significantly lower hostility scores than married couples. Longitudinal studies need to be conducted on the topic


  • Family functioning
  • divorce
  • family
  • short symptom checklist
  • marriage
  • psychological symptomatology.
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