The Views Of Primary and Preschool Education Teachers about Home Visiting: A Study in Turkey

Volume 1 - Issue 3
Pınar Bahçeli Kahraman Meral Taner Derman
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The aim of this study is to investigate the views of primary school and preschool teachers about home visiting and the reasons of performing home visiting with respect to parental involvement. A survey form which was prepared by the researchers has been given to primary school and preschool teachers. The survey consists of four open ended questions. 108 teachers have participated in the study. 30 of these teachers were preschool teachers and 78 of them were primary school teachers. The data indicated that 39 teachers haven’t used home visiting before. %45 of teachers who have used home visiting preferred to learn the child’s home environment and life style. According to the findings, only 1 teacher stated that home visiting isn’t useful. Also, teachers who used home visiting stated that they encountered with positive reactions although 4 of them indicated that they encountered with negative reactions.


  • Home visiting
  • parental involvement
  • preschool teacher
  • primary teacher
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