Understanding the Psychological State from Facebook Profile: A Qualitative Study on Ethical Awareness

Volume 5- Issue 4
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The main aim of this study is to examine the prospective psychological counselors’ awareness about the ethical considerations of using Facebook as a psychological counselor. 30 second year and 30 fourth year Turkish students studying in Cyprus participated in the present research study. Self-report was used as the data collection technique. Thematic analysis was used to analyze the qualitative data based on the main themes. In addition, the qualitative data was supported with quantitative data with frequencies. The findings revealed that although second and fourth year students indicated similar reasoning for each theme, the frequencies were different. Mostly, there are differences in second and fourth year students’ thoughts about the usage of Facebook. The research findings also revealed that although fourth year students are more aware of the ethical considerations and outcomes of unethical practice, the ethical issues should be more emphasized in the counseling classes.


  • Facebook
  • counselor
  • ethics
  • social networks
  • counseling
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