View on Counseling Ethics among School Counselors in Malaysia

Volume 4-Issue 4
Ng Yoke HAR & Ahmad Jazimin JUSOH
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This study aimed to explore how school counselor for school in Perak, Malaysia define and execute ethical practice in counseling. This research design is a case study, involving three school counselors. Data was collected through interviews and was analyzed using qualitative methods. The data showed that the participants of study all agreed that a counselor should have recognized qualifications before counseling a client. They also noted that counselors often face conflicts with the school when adhering to the ethics of confidentiality, which enables them to provide information that involves client privileged communication. Participants were also found to comply with the procedure such as attending informed consent before conducting counseling sessions with clients. The findings of the study found that participants manage client cases by type: mild, simple or serious. Study participants also stressed that the personality of counselor is important in determining the effective practice of counseling ethics.


  • ethics
  • counseling
  • school counselors
  • confidentiality and client.
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