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The Online Journal of Counselling and Education  is a journal that publishes experimental, quantitative and qualitative research relating to all fields of counselling and education.

Submitted articles must not have been published previously or submitted concurrently for publication elsewhere. The Online Journal of Counselling and Education retains copyright to articles that are approved for publication.



Manuscripts should be submitted electronically via the e-mail address:


Authors should include their own e-mail addresses within the annotations on the first page of the manuscript, in order for the Editorial Board to establish a faster and more efficient communication.

Manuscripts submitted to Online Journal of Counselling and Education are first examined by the Editorial Team in terms of purpose, topic, content, general publication and spelling rules. Manuscripts that are declined at this stage are returned to their authors without further evaluation.

Manuscripts considered for publication are examined by at least two members of the Reviewer Team concerned with the subject area. For an article to be published, at least two members of Reviewer Team concerned with the subject area must approve the research. 

Authors suggested to correct certain parts in their articles show their corrections either by writing them in comment boxes on the article together with the correction suggestion by using the command of "track changes" or via a separate report by mentioning page, paragraph and line. 

If the author does not agree with the changes suggested by the reviewers, the author(s) can withdraw the article. In addition, in such a case, the Editorial Team is fully authorized to return the article to the author or to apply to another reviewer. Communication between author(s) and reviewers is moderated by the Editorial Team. Unless indicated otherwise, the Editorial Team communicates with the principal author named on the manuscript.