Volume 4- Issue 2

April 2015

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Domestic Violence and Trauma: Diagnostic Implications for Mental Health Professionals

Laura Streyffeler William Ross
Pages: 1-13

The impact of traumatic stress, especially when the trauma is caused by an intimate partner is devastating for the victim. Trauma-related symptoms often include increased startle response, nightmares, intrusive images, emotional numbness, difficulty sleeping, increased irritability, and difficulty with concentration, which are characteristic of PTSD. Additional symptoms include depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse problems, and alterations in belief systems, such as feelings of trust, safety, worthiness, connection with others and sense of control over one’s life (The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, 2003, online). This research study examined 235 licensed mental health professionals’ working clinical knowledge of domestic violence as well as whether or not they are identifying the symptoms of PTSD when assessing, diagnosing, and treating victims of domestic violence.

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The Effect of Mentors’ Communication Styles on Mentees’ Academic Performances

Azman Ismail Fatmawati Abdin Nek Kamal Yeop Yunus Salomawati Ishak Tirzah Zubeidah Zachariah Syed Shah Alam
Pages: 14-27

Interpersonal communication and communication openness are the two main communication styles in tertiary educational mentoring. Studies in tertiary student development program show that the capability of mentors to successfully practice these communication styles may contribute to an improvement in mentees’ academic performance. However, not much is discussed specifically involving mentors role in communication styles which play an important role in predicting variables in the tertiary mentoring program models. As such, this study was conducted to analyse the connection between mentors’ communication styles and academic performance. This study was implemented using self-report questionnaires collected from undergraduate students in tertiary educational institutions in Sarawak, Malaysia. The outcomes of SmartPLS path model analysis provided two significant results: firstly, interpersonal communication had a significant correlation with academic performance. Secondly, communication openness had a significant correlation with academic performance. To conclude, these findings indicate that the mentors’ communication styles in mentoring programs act as important predictors of academic performance in the organisations in the study. The discussion, implications and conclusion to this study is provided at the end.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Reminiscence Therapy in the Treatment of Depression: A Convergent Palliative Care Methodology in Geriatric Psychotherapy

John H. Morgan
Pages: 51-67

That there is a relative void in the training of palliative care health professionals in geriatric psychotherapy, particularly as relates to the treatment of depression, is very evident according to recent American Medical Association sponsored studies. In the following essay, we will consider briefly two evidence-based treatment options available to the counseling and psychotherapeutic community dealing particularly with palliative psychotherapeutic depression, namely, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Reminiscence Therapy (RT). Following this brief discussion, we will explore the integration of CBT and RT into a single treatment modality used in palliative care of the elderly suffering from debilitating depression. Five brief case studies will be presented as illustrations of its use and effectiveness as reported in recent clinical studies. As we know, biogenic depression calls for pharmacological intervention and, therefore, medical oversight. However, our interest here is rather to call attention to two proven modalities of treatment available for the non-medically trained psychotherapist dealing with palliative psychogenic depression. These studies are consistently showing evidence-based findings validating the use of each of these modalities of treatment of depression and depressive symptoms in older adults

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A Review of Housing and Job Satisfaction and Its Link to Life Happiness

Bahare Fallahi Aida Mehrad
Pages: 40-50

The purpose of this literature review paper is to determine the important role of satisfaction on housing and job in quality of life happiness. The findings of present study show that job satisfaction and housing satisfaction have particular part to advance life quality, because they are two vital elements in decisive standard life. This study also finds that, quality of housing, neighborhood, situation of dwelling units, facility influence on satisfaction and quality of life. In addition, job satisfaction is essential factor in quality of life and happiness. Furthermore, lack of job satisfaction that appear by Low level of salary at work place can effect on housing and life happiness.

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Teachers’ Opinions about Renewed Fifth Grade Science Lesson Curriculum

Pages: 28-39

The aim of the present study was to investigate the fifth grade science lesson curriculum that has begun to be applied in 2013-2014 academic year, considering teachers’ opinions. In the current study, interview method that is one of the qualitative research methods was used. The semi- structured interview form was prepared by the authors considering experts’ opinions. The interview form included of six open-ended questions to obtain teachers’ opinion about the followings: informative works about renewed curriculum, general opinions about the new curriculum, gains, foreseen to be applied, the content, learning- teaching process, assessment and evaluation methods, problems in the application process of the curriculum, solutions about these problems, lesson books and materials that changed with the new curriculum. The interviews were conducted with 28 teachers, selected via purposeful sampling and that worked in 14 schools of Ministry of Education in one of the citites of Marmara Region in Turkey. The data was analyzed via descriptive statistics. The findings of the current study were as follows: 1- Teachers were not provided with information about the new curriculum, and in general, teachers reached details about the curriculum on the internet. 2- The biggest problem teachers confronted in the application process was subjects were very few, too superficial and simple. The most suggested solution was topics should be detailed and the scope should be extended. 3- The lesson books and materials were insufficient according to teachers.

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The Relationship Between Family Functioning and Psychological Symptomatology in Married Couples

Mehmet KILIÇ Zekavet TOPÇU Kabasakal
Pages: 68-80

The aim of the study is to investigate the relationship between family functioning and psychological symptomatology in married and divorcing couples. Previous studies indicate that family functioning affect psychological symptomatology. The sample consisted of 100 married and 103 divorcing individuals. The personal information form, the Family Functioning Device (FAD), and the Short Symptom Checklist (SSC) was used for data collection. Results of the linear regression analysis showed that family functioning and whether one is married or divorcing significantly predicted psychological symptomatology. The correlation analysis indicated that there were significant and positive relations between family functioning and all SCC subscales, except for hostility. Females had significantly higher somatization, anxiety, and phobic anxiety levels. Married couples had significantly better FAD and lower social insecurity and depression scores compared to divorcing couples; whereas divorcing couples had significantly lower hostility scores than married couples. Longitudinal studies need to be conducted on the topic

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